.kuba (lotophagous) wrote,

did not sleep last night. had a long conversation with K, first on icq, the on the phone about the similarities in our present lives and how to avoid making it worse for each other. must be very careful about what i am saying from now on. meanwhile i had a nice experience of sleep deprivation (still there) seasoned with half a bottle of wine. i love that state, i open up for the outer world, my senses sharpen and the ubiquitous introspection goes into hibernation. the calmness i feel then is like a holiday trip into a blessed mind.

then we went to the dog show. it is something i had promised atle's breeder. i knew i would hate it and i did it. all those people who actually think it makes a difference when some judge their dogs have cute arses. all this nervosity, expectations, envy. for fuck's sake, it is only a dog show. it was so sad, it did not matter to me whether atle would win, i was hoping his brother would, his family seemed very anxious to win, and had been preparing for the show for weeks.

i do not regret going there though. it was a really sick experience and you can never have too many of those. it was almost as sick as a beauty competition for babies. atle met some really hot bitches and made friends with some really weird dogs. and we were told that what we thought was some kind of a skin disease was something perfectly normal in bull terriers. it was too little dog related kitsch though so i only bought a couple of toys. a new lash and a cage.

atle was disoriented at first, he had never seen so many different dogs at the same time. he was very unsure and insecure - but then something happened when it was his turn on the catwalk. he did everything right, with the charisma of an overpayed super model. and that little fucker won, best-of-breed, with his sister coming second. now i am never going to get atle's breeder off my arse, he wants to take piglet to more shows. well he might, atle seems to love it. but i do not want to have anything to do with people who are in it quite seriously.

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