May 11th, 2002


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this weekend atle isn't with me. his breeder took him to a show in gothenburg where poor atle will be judged by an english judge. i told him i'd sell him to medical experiments if he doesn't come home with a rosette, but he knows i really don't give a shit. the good thing about winning prizes is that champions get the finest bitches.

such a wonderful day. i'm going to the city in half an hour. i've been looking like a bum far too long, need some new clothes. i have already ordered new spectacles, now the rest is left. btw, got an email from celia this morning. it may have something to do with my cheerful mood :) she is spoiling me with her letters. i miss her, the illusion of closeness when chatting or talking on the phone, although 9 000 miles apart.. anyway, tomorrow is her bearthday, don't you dare forget it.
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