May 14th, 2002


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i've had my cards read by sf_rose. it's amazingly correct. thanks, rose.

You are currently in a state of stasis - of waiting, hoping and healing. In the recent past, there was situation where there was a loss of friendship and joy. You've been here before, but something has changed. There has been a fundamental shift in terms of your outlook and approach with regard to this situation and others like it that will arise. There is a coming convergence between you readiness to be open to new emotional relationships and the opportunities that will come into (or already exist in) your life. You have more power and choice than you think, if you're willing to act on that knowledge. It may be more about putting what you know to be true in practice and seeing what happens.

Detailed Reading:
There are a couple of major themes in this reading - mainly revolving around gaining perspective and having the opportunity to try something new instead of doing what you've done before. You have both the tools and self knowledge to do this. If you choose to do so, life will open up in ways you could have never imagined. Indeed, the time is ripe and won't stay like this for long. Hold your hand out and you might be amazed at what you catch.

The first card is the Hanged Man, which represents your inward self. This is a major arcana card and represents a fundamental state of being which we all experience. You may feel you are in a time of stasis, of waiting and hoping and not knowing. It is, in fact, an opportunity for you to reflect on recent experiences and to see what you've learned.

The second card is the Page of Cups, which represents your outward presence, that is, your self as expressed in the world. The Page of Cups indicates being open and receptive to love and new relationships. Which is not surprising, from what I know of you. Cups traditionally speak to emotional states and relationships with others.

The first two cards may appear at odds, but in fact, your ability to be truly open to new emotional relationships is rooted in this inner stasis - which is really an instinctive understanding that as you go forth, you want to try to do things differently.

The third card, the Two of Cups, supports this interpretation. Two's normally refer to duality and union. It is traditionally interpreted as the loving and healing union of opposites or relationship. I like to think of it as being in a state of preparedness. At least that's the word that pops up in my mind.

In the recent past you have the Three of Cups, which is reversed. It points of a recent situation where there has been a loss of friendship, affection and joy.

In your higher mind is the Strength card. Whatever may have happened in the recent past, you recognize that the outcome, though difficult, is in fact a source of strength and healing. You may not have thought yourself capable of such strength and endurance in the past, but something has clearly changed.

In the near future, you have the Two of Wands. Wands represent fire, action, growth. It points from a shift of passivity (water) to action (fire). As they say, the situation may not have changed, but you have. The ironic thing about the love and relationships with other people is that it is less about forcing something as much as nurturing and helping something grow and thrive. This requires an active as opposed to a reactive stance. I don't have any idea if this makes sense.

The next card is the Ace of Wands. One represent initiation, new beginnings, potentiality. And since Wands are all about energy, life, growing things. You may feel poised on the edge of some life change.

The next card is the Six of Pentacles, reversed. This card represents how others may perceive you. Pentacles have to do with work, money and material concerns. People you work with or have contact with may see you as not being completely "available" for a lack of a better word. I'm not sure what that's about.

The lesson you need to learn is the King of Wands. Kings are basically about mastery, in this case, establishment of self. You don't need to establish a sense of self, you've done it. You just need to believe it and to act on that self knowledge.

The outcome is the Wheel of Fortune. In light of the reading, this seems to the fact that you've come full circle and that you now have the opportunity to use what you've learned from the past in pursuit of what you desire. There's a window of opportunity here and if you�re open to it, you may be surprised. No matter what the outcome, the main message here is "Don't be afraid. This a chance to try something new. Be open, let go and use the freedom which your experience has given you."
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