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like father like son

today i took atle to a dog park. he really needs to work on his social skills and i do not think he can count on my help for that matter. not that he is aggressive, quite the reverse, he is too trustful and naf. poor atle, he was running around al those dogs, wagging his tail and desperately trying to make friends. they ignored him. a little ratlike terrier snarl at him and you can almost see him thinking 'oh, she is kind at heart, she is having one of those days, pms or something'.

another dog appeared, a big fluffy shepherd's dog, dominating atle from the first moment. i could not watch it, atle being humped by another dog. for god's sake, he is supposed to be a fighting dog, and there he is, humiliated with a big smile on his face. it continued for several minutes. i looked another way. when i looked up again, the other dog was lying on his back and atle was fucking his head. with the same grin on his face.

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