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atle's adventures

atle and me went to the dog park again where we met beatriz and her two lovely daughters (they love atle, so i find it difficult not to adore them). and, deja vu, atle was being humped again. but this time i was observing the whole situation closely. apparently atle does not give a shit about the rules of canine behaviour. if humping me makes you happy, go ahead, he appears to think. he is so cocksure the whole power game could not bother him less.

after a while i saw how atle handles the situation. if the other dog wants to establish his superiority, atle lets him. as soon as the dog starts to harass him, atle offers resistance - but only enough not to let the other dog win. he is not interested in hierarchies, he only wants to be left alone. then it does not take long before his opponent realizes atle's supremacy and lies down, with atle indolently humping his head.

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