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lately i've been late for work. i wake up in time, but instead of going straight to the bathroom or going back to sleep for ten more minutes i remain in the transitory state between oblivion and tranqullizing noise. i appreciate those moments when still numb from bygone dreams i can behold my life with the clarity of a depressed mind, still free from excuses, denial and the everyday beauty that instantly makes me optimistic for no reason. those moments are terrifying as being of unveiled truth. i can only hope i will never lose them.

this morning it lasted for more than an hour until a phone call from a jehova's witness from hell woke me up. but the day wasn't spoiled yet. only 15 minutes later i could hear the most enchanting song. download it from here, you won't be disappointed. when that day comes when i make myself believe that my love is dead and buried the scent of her song will still haunt me like hypnotic poison.

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