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joie de vivre

as you have been able to see, i haven't written anything but sheer nonsense here for at least two months. i'm tired. i've spent way too much time sorting out all ambivalent feelings that have come over me. this space drains huge amounts my energy right now. i must go back to the sort of reality that i can touch with the tip of my tongue. i'm going to be away from here for a while. probably a month, maybe longer, till i've recovered my strength and senses, when i can indulge your beautiful souls without feeling this paralyzing pain. ironically i spend all my time at work on the internet.

estrella morente's sevillanas de la vida, one of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard, in the key of my current state. download it or be damned.

[update] sevillanas de la vida is sung by alba molina, whatever kazaa says.

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