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how sad i feel now.. suddenly all the magic that followed us is gone. i never expected this profound feeling to leave me so soon. it is much easier to breathe now, but i don't want a life that is easy and pleasant. now she has become just another girl of nocturna.net.

we never met in flesh, so she only had to leave my mind, thanks god i have no memories of her scent, grace and touch.. only her clear, angelic voice... but it still hurts that the strongest and most beautiful sensation of love i have ever experienced would abandon me so soon. i would choose pain if it only could keep the magic..

yesterday i removed every trace from my computer. it was quite ironic, after i had thrown away all history files from icq, the program restored my old settings, adding her to my list. and we talked, she told me that it hurt not being able to talk to me. i had to say why it was not possible at that time. today it feels like it would not be a problem.

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