.kuba (lotophagous) wrote,

went for a looong walk with atle, who is a cat captured in the body of an english bull terrier. his pure juvenile joy while he was skipping about in the open fields cast out my daemons for a whole day. nature, still barren, impatiently waiting for a sign to explode in tender verdure. we walked for miles and suddenly i could i understood the character in wim wender's paris, texas who never stopped walking.

B is coming over tomorrow. she is the best friend a man can have. she is slightly older than me but despite her experience and sorrows still a little girl, trusting and optimistic, never laughing at big words. and the little boy within me loves to play with her. but not tonight. i am not in the mood for drinking myself blind. tomorrow we are going to a poetry contest (most words per minute wins or what?) and on Monday to a bossa nova concert.

she is the kind of friend who knows she can leave me alone for months and is there when i need her. even when i forget to tell her i do.

ML rang me earlier this evening. she can still get hysterical about our past. i hurt her, more than once. but i wish she could come over me soon and let herself be loved. antidepressants do not do it for her anymore.

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